Dear Heart for Ethiopia Board,

Warm greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! How are you doing? We are doing well here. Praise be to the Lord.

Our ministry is going well because of your great commitment and effort next to the Lord. I do not have enough words to convey my appreciation for your great contribution, concern and prayer. May the Lord bless you in abundance!

The picture was taken in the Meragna church compound. The house is their church and offices.

As you know we have Compassion International assisted projects at Fetra and Alem Ketema. When they started the project, there was big persecution and challenges from the community and from the government officials. But now everything is changed completely due to the work has been done. The projects have got budget to purchase play grounds. It serves as a bridge to associate with the community and many youth are coming to the church compound and the churches.

This is the play ground at Fetra church which calls many youth. There is no in the town like this. Praise be to God.
This is the play ground at Alem Ketema which calls many youth

The project at Alem Ketema church started poultry project, IGA for beneficiaries and they do have around 186 hens.

I am surprised what they are doing in the area and they are building good reputation at the midst of the community and government officials. The church leaders and ministers are trusted by the people and the government. They finished their three years agreement and they made other three years agreement within a week. This shows that how much the project and the church impacts the area. Praise be to God.

On Sunday I preached at Degolo church. Degolo church is well organized and they have strong leaders and good pastor. What I have seen special thing at this church is they are mission oriented. They are trying to work on church planting and they contribute money on regular basis for church planting. I got encouraged by their plans and being mission oriented. They are also working the preschool that is supported by Heart for Ethiopia. They are working well and it helps them to develop good relationship with the community and to help children who are able to get education access. They are well organized and capable to run the child development project.

This is Degolo church on worship service
This is the play ground which was purchased with the support of Heart for Ethiopia

Dear Heart for Ethiopia Board, I am so glad to be able to work within Addis Kidan Baptist Church because of you. Frankly, speaking you are the backbone for our ministries. The church is able to get such golden opportunity because you are able to support the church. I can mention a lot. Thank you very much once again for your great concern.

Beletew Kebede
General Secretary
Ethiopian Addis Kidan Baptist Church

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