What We're Doing

Well Drilling

An ancient, but effective, well drilling technique has been reintroduced to the current generation of Ethiopians. Using locally available materials, it is possible to bore a shallow tube hole in two days without the need of any machines. These wells are furnishing supplies sufficient for several families and can be disbursed in remote villages close to dwellings.

The pump is also simple and hand made. Some people regard the water as "holy water" because it has kept their family from sickness.

Village Children Support

Kindergarten is the first step for children in attending school. They learn the alphabet and their numbers. Even older children go to kindergarten prior to attending public school. Heart for Ethiopia provides funds for kindergarten teachers, supplies, and food for students. We have provided school rooms and playground equipment at some sites. Other benefits for village children are clothes and shoes and medical care as needed.


Business and commerce are the keys to a self-sustaining society, so Heart for Ethiopia has begun working with enterprising individuals to help them start businesses. We offer small business loans to those with relevant experience in who present strong, well-developed ideas to start businesses such as farms or shops, which they will run and operate themselves.

Self-Help Groups